T.B.A, Germany, Tokyo

Torsten Blume
Urbanist, Curator of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation / since 2002 teaching as Adviser at the postgraduate program (International Bauhaus Kolleg) of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
1964 Born in Neubrandenburg , Germany . / 1985 - 1990 Studies of Art Science at the University of Leipzig . 1990 diploma as art scientist /
Since 1991- working at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in different projects in the field of architecture, design and visual arts. Conceptualising and Organizing workshops, exhibitions symposiums and lectures / since 2004 preparing an International Bauhaus Kolleg as Satellite at the Tongji University Shanghai as part of international collaborations / since 1994 Publications in the field of art theory and urbanism. / since 2005 Scientific lectureship at the Anhalt University Dessau of applied science for theory of design and perception.

Urban media activism (PDF)


Akihito Hatayama
Akihito Hatayama studied at Faculty of Comparative Culture in Sophia University. He found interest in the relationship between humans and environment through travelling around the world. He has been approached it from various perspectives, like music, body performance, urban design, etc. He just starts doing a M.A. in landscape architecture at University of Melbourne.



Chuang,Yu-Chieh is born on Taipei in1982. Her major is Architecture and has obtained a bachelor degree at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. She likes to deal with people and is interested in the relation between communities and local culture. She has a real passion for design, and hopes that people in workshop can create an inovative and vivid vision for local people and preserve their heritage.
"What is the lifestyle of Shimokitazawa?". "What is Shimokitazawa¡'s vision". "What can we do for people in Shimokitazawa?". "What alternatives does Shimokitazawa have" She wants to answer all these questions in Shimokitazawa.


  Cheng-Ling Lin



  Miho Terada

Shizuoka pref.


  Tadashi Shibata

Tadashi studied architecture in his undergraduate. During the day he got a question about the contribution relationship between architecture and city. Since 2005 he started his master study about urban design and participate a project that sticks to real site. In the project he stopped in fornt of the wall; "Feasibility" while deeply doing the commitment to the resident and the administration. Currentry he is spending whole his time to think about the relationship between design and management!?


  Misa Kiribayashi

Kawasaki City


  Kazuki Sakamoto

Born in TOKYO, 26/12/1983
Now,studying architecture, urban design and love at Meiji University.
I really want to have a lot of friends.
Let's have a fun with smile, amiability and passion!
Let's sing a song together!


  Noriko Ando

1982 Born in Oita, JAPAN
2003 Istituto Europeo di Design (Illustration Design),Intensive Study/ Milan,ITALY
2005 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts,Dept. of Architecture
Ando Go Architect Studio
International Workshop on Asian Reality / Tainan,TAIWAN